“Use Me” is a comedy series about a child star trying to become famous again, finding true love while dealing with drug and sex addiction.

Directed & Written by Michael Michael

Cinematography by Jasmine Rao ep 3 /4 / 5 / 6, Jonathan Alvarez ep  3 / 4,  Matthew P. Kessler ep 1 & 2

Editing by Jasmine Rao

Sound Department by Max Balton

Production Assistant by Gayland Garcia ep 2

Casting by Michael Mazzuca & Gayland Garcia

Makeup Department by Cassandra ‘Fernandez & Amanda Sklar

Cast (in order of appearance)

Guy Whitcam: Guy Whitcam
Scarlett Marmolejo:  Melissa

Belle Skidmore:  Sam Brockport

 Michelle Star: Judge

Michelle Marlowe:  Marion Dough

Tori Smith:   Evelyn

Grace Booza: Girl 1

Lina Mayorga: Girl 2

Charisse Simone: Girl 3

Emily Graner Hoffman: Girl 4 / Vicky

Meaghan Bloom: Waitress

Stormi Maya: Girl 6

Rina Maejima: Girl 7 / Fan Girl

Eleni Anneta: Model

Kiala Foy: Cherry

Shanise Taylor :  Sara

Sherise Powell: Jess

Eli Browning: Duke

Liam Higgins: Frank

Casey Jones:  ABC’s  kid

Jessica Davis: Lynda


Grizz Chatman:  Alex